What Else Can the iPad Do?

Is there an app for that? We know that we can surf the web, check email, even play educational games, but what else can the iPad do? Can the iPad replace your laptop? Yes it can, and so much more, from creating documents to remotely accessing your computer to controlling your home's thermostat, the iPad can do just about anything!

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8 Apps needed to replace your laptop:
Google Docs -I am not the biggest Google Fan out there, but it is a free word processor that is automatically integrated into the "cloud." You can use it offline and once you are online the document will sync with your Google Drive. If you are looking for more bells and whistles, try Pages (below).
iPad Screenshot 1
iPad Screenshot 1

Pages - This is an excellent word processing app that formats text around inserted photos. I often use this app to create brochures, flyers and posters. I compare it to Microsoft Publisher with a word processor.

Keynote - This app is a PowerPoint type of app.

Dropbox - If you use Dropbox, this app will allow you to retrieve your documents to open in any compatible app that is on your iPad. Set up shared folders with your students so that they may submit homework electronically.

Google - The key feature of this app is the ability to "Voice Search."

Photon Flash Player - What is keeping you from purchasing an iPad? Is it that is doesn't support Flash? Try Photon Flash Player. The app remotely connects to a server that is running a virtual computer so you can play your favorite Flash games or watch Flash videos.
iPad Screenshot 2
iPad Screenshot 2

Save2PDF - This app will create PDF's with your documents and has the ability to print to any printer that it can find on your network. Download the WePrint server on one computer on your network to allow the iPad to search the network for printers.

Active Print - If you'd like to print, this app works well for me. It is half the cost of SaveToPDF and has a built in web browser if you'd like to print off of a webpage.

22 Apps that you will use in the classroom:
SimplemindX - This is a simple to use mind mapping program. Use this for brainstorming or to outline a research paper.

Nearpod - This app is the game changer. This will change the way you present lessons to your students. You can feed information right to the iPads that your students are holding so they can view slides, interact and submit their work, take polls and quizzes, or watch videos.
iPad Screenshot 4
iPad Screenshot 4

Socrative Teacher and Socrative Student - Use these apps instead of purchasing an expensive student response system. You can also give tests that are automatically graded!

Flashcards* - You can create your own flashcards or download any of the thousands of already created flashcards from Quizlet.

Notability - In combination with Dropbox, use this to have your students download an assignment that is in PDF form, mark it with either a "pen" or type text and save it back to a Dropbox folder to turn it in without ever using paper.

SwipyHD - For all of the quick notes and student incidents that need documenting, it doesn't get easier than Swipy. Simply open Swipy, type your note, and swipe to the left. The note is automatically saved in Dropbox or Google Docs in a Swipy folder. The name of the file is the time the note was taken.

Kindle / iBooks - If you are a reader, check out these two apps to purchase e-books with.

Animoto - Not only can you get a free education account for full length movies with a code to share with up to 50 students, all you need to do to create a movie is choose pictures, choose a track, and click "Create Video" and you have completed a movie with fantastic transitions that make it look like you worked very hard. Begin at www.animoto.com/education for your free educators account.

BrainPop - With your district's subscription you will have access to over 750 educational videos. Without the subscription you can still view the movie of the day

Speak It To Me - If your students have a difficult time reading, you can input the text into this app and it will read the text to them.

Dragon Dictation - If your students have a difficult time typing, but can form thoughts into sentences, this app will listen to what they say and dictate the spoken word into text. It is surprisingly accurate. You can also use it to quickly type and send an email.

Educreations - For Fans of Khan Academy, you can also create tutorial videos using this app. It is very simple to do. When you are finished, you can post the link on your website for your students to watch later. This is especially helpful when students are absent. This app also works as a simple whiteboard.

iPad Screenshot 1
iPad Screenshot 1

Microphone Pro - If you have a student that has a difficult time hearing, you can hook up a set of headphones to your iPad and this app and amplify your voice.

Songify - Sometimes your students just need a catchy jingle to remember a phrase. If you have a phrase that would like your students to remember, speak it into Songify and the app will turn your spoken words into a song.... repeated... over and over and over...

Bamboo Paper - This app simply allows you to write your notes instead of having to type them.

Traffic Light! - If you are like me, you like to give non-verbal ques to remind your students to stay on task. With the traffic light, you can simply go from Green to Yellow to Red to remind your students to keep their noise level down during group work.

Scan - This is an app that will easily read QR codes and takes you directly to the webpage.
QR Code Maker - This app will not only read codes, but create them as well. The code below, if scanned will take you to the Marian iPad class webpage. Think outside of the box (or click here) to see how to use these in education...
My Spelling Test - If you have kids that need to practice spelling words, this app allows you to type in a list of words and then say the words. If you give spelling tests, for now your students can take them one at a time, but the developers are working on being able to send your test to all of your students' iPads.

TapTyping - The problem with using an iPad with your students all of the time is that they will never learn proper keyboarding skills... right? Well no. There's an app for that. With TapTyping, you can attach any keyboard to your iPad and practice keyboarding skills in the same way you would with a desktop.


Spin Decision - In my quest to find the best spinner for a game like Wheel of Fortune, this is the best spinner that I have found. It comes with a lot of already created and very silly decisions, but the best part is that you can create your own spinners. Put your students' names on them for a random pick or put numbers on them for Wheel of Fortune. There are 16 spaces on the wheel.

Transfer - File Sharing - With Transfer, you can "fling" documents, pictures, videos, websites, anything to your students iPads. It could be a fun way to share a photo with a friend or handout a worksheet to your students.

iPhone Screenshot 2
iPhone Screenshot 2

3 apps you can use to access your computer files:
StreamToMe - With this app I can access and play all media that is on my home computer, movies, music and pictures.

Air Video - This app will allow me to access all video files that are on my computer.

Splashtop Remote - This is my favorite app. It allows me to access my computer, as if I am sitting in front of it, from anywhere in the world.

7 Personal Apps you will love:
Textfree Voice and VM (Voicemail) - Can your iPad be a phone? Yes it can and it's free. They even give you a phone number. It is $2 for 100 minutes

Soundhound - What is the song that is playing? Have this app listen to it and it will tell you. It will also tell you what song you are singing or humming.

Edjing - This is a very simple way to edit music. I use it to simply merge two songs onto one track.
iPad Screenshot 5
iPad Screenshot 5

GoSkyWatch - For you stargazers out there, this app will tell you what you are looking at. Hold it up to the sky and enjoy.

Nightstand Central Free - Your iPad runs on an internal battery so as long as your iPad has even a little charge left, if your power goes out in the middle of the night, your alarm clock will still go off.

Beat the Traffic - Never get caught in traffic again. This app will let you know how traffic is flowing and even will allow you to view traffic cams.

Flipboard - All of your news apps can be in one location if you use Flipboard. You can also interact with Facebook through this app.
iPhone Screenshot 1
iPhone Screenshot 1

Accessories for the iPad:
Keyboard Case - This is very handy if you intend to replace your laptop with the iPad and you can't get used to the touch screen keyboard.
external image 71XZLQC5XsL._SL1500_.jpg
Digital AV Adapter - This is needed to show your iPad on the big screen or an HDTV.
OR if you have a TV or Projector with HDMI use Apple TV to show your iPad wirelessly using AirPlay.

OR if you have a computer already connected to your projector, simply download Reflector app on your computer and connect also using AirPlay.
This is the least expensive method of projecting your iPad on a larger screen.
external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSX7TS4oMl-Pe5y3EAW14yOtylfQ8AHwJa_ta7pNhNrsSq6sC9Y0g

Camera Connection Kit - With this you can add pictures directly to your iPad without using iTunes. Hint: Plug a standard USB keyboard into this and see what happens. Hint 2: Go to ebay or Amazon and purchase an off-brand (not apple) camera connection kit for less than $5 with shipping. The ones that I have used work just a well as this one... They sometimes need to be replaced when Apple updates their iOS though...
camera.jpg < Apple
iPad 2 Camera Connection Kit 2in1 USB/SD Card Reader -P
iPad 2 Camera Connection Kit 2in1 USB/SD Card Reader -P
< Off Brand
mB9txtTxTWw_Vu5l0wZs3NA.jpg < Off Brand for iPads with the lightning connection (can be found for under $10)

Virtual Keyboard - You still need to carry an extra device, but it is much smaller than a keyboard and you get the keyboard experience. This device has surprisingly good reviews overall.
external image 51luKrZOAWL.jpg

Square - If you have a business or just want the ability to take credit cards, after you sign up for Square, they send you the credit card reader for free. Your only cost is 2.75% per transaction.

iPevo Document Camera - This camera will replace your need for an expensive Elmo. It needs to be hooked up to a computer, but the picture is amazing. It is another way to show your iPad on the big screen... as long as you have a projector already.

AirPrint Printers - While it is possible to print through a computer, if you are in the market for a new printer, I recommend you look for one with AirPrint. The iPad will print directly to the printer as long as it's on the same wifi. I have the EPSON Artisan 730 and I love it.
Seagate GoFlex Satellite 500GB - Ok so hear me out... You could get an iPad with 64GB for $200 more than the iPad with 16GB or you could take that same $200 or less and purchase a GoFlex Satellite and get 500GB. Yes, you have to carry a second device, but... 500GB! I have over 2000 songs, 100 movies, thousands of pictures on my device and I still have plenty of room for more. You could even have up to eight iPads streaming from the Satellite at a time, all accessing different content. It works by sending out it's own wifi signal that you connect to from your iPad.

iHealth Blood Pressure Dock. If you need to check your blood pressure often, having a device at home would be wonderful. Yep, there is an app for that also! The app is Free, but you need to purchase the equipment, which includes the cuff and dock.
iHealth Blood Pressure Monitoring System BP3  for iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad
iHealth Blood Pressure Monitoring System BP3 for iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad

Lastly - The "You cannot be serious" app:
Control 4 - I use this app with my home Control4 system. With this app I can adjust the thermostat, unlock my front door, control my TV, and view my security camera.. and control these things from anywhere in the world. There are many more features that I don't use...


Control4 website